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Snoring and Menopause

It is very possible for women who never had snoring episodes during their younger years suffer from snoring when they reach their menopausal age. It is very common for most women in their menopausal years to say that it is very impossible for them to be snoring. However, what those women do not know is that menopausal years can be a contributing factor for snoring together with other age related factors. And for women who are suffering from snoring during their earlier years, when they reach menopausal years, their snoring may possibly be exacerbated due to the signs and/or symptoms associated with menopause.

Exacerbation of Snoring during Menopause

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Snoring and Menopause

Menopause alone is not the exact causative factor for exacerbation or worsening of snoring in women during and after menopause. Causative factors are the signs and results from menopause. After menopause, there will be development of laxness in the neck muscles, stiffening of the joints, and even weight gain attributed in menopause years. Menopause also causes for fluctuation and changes in hormonal levels in women, and it is believed that hormonal level changes can possibly be one of the main reasons why menopausal women and women after menopause suffer from exacerbated snoring problems.

Hormonal Influence in Snoring

In general, the snoring ratio is 2:1 male to female snorers. However, the gap gets nearer when women started to enter menopausal years or even after menopause. It is believed that snoring can be influenced by the drop of estrogen and progesterone hormones in female during and after menopause. Although not clearly stated that decrease in hormonal levels in women during menopause can cause or even exacerbate snoring problems in women, it is believed that a decrease of hormones can really cause them and not due to the increase or excess hormonal levels.

Who Are at Risk?

Not all women who enter the menopausal age will suffer from snoring problems. Women who are shorter and are overweight are more prone in suffering snoring during menopausal age. Women who are short and overweight are not only more prone in suffering snoring problems during and after menopause, they are also more prone in snoring problems during younger years and they are also more prone in developing various health problems. Although physical built is somehow associated with snoring problems, it is still not a basis on how to pinpoint the exact cause of the snoring problem, since the body is a complex set of organs that functions differently.

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