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Sleep Apnea In Women

Is Sleep Apnea Prevalent In Women

The majority of sleep apnea patients are seen men. But there are many women who have reported with sleep apnea issue. It is certain that prevalence of sleep apnea in women is quite lesser than men. After conducting several evaluations of sleep apnea cases, the discovered ratio of sleep apnea men patient to women was very lopsided. As per this ratio, there have been 8 to 9 men over 1 woman who suffers from sleep apnea. Though, there is a contradiction about this ratio study and as per general population, the real ratio would be close to 2-3 men over each woman with sleep apnea condition. This article will help you learning different aspects of sleep apnea in women.

Why Women Cases Of Sleep Apnea Are Less Diagnosed

There is no doubt that as of now, sleep apnea in women is common issue and many people are aware of the same. Still, there are few causes for which women are less likely diagnosed with this disorder. It is a common notion of several physicians that sleep apnea can affect people of certain criteria like obese male, overweight or middle aged men. Therefore, they never expect to diagnose a patient with sleep apnea who does not come into this category like women. This is one of the biggest reasons that sleep apnea is less diagnosed in women than men.

Different Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea In Women

The condition sleep apnea in women often causes different types of symptoms. The classic symptoms of sleep apnea that have been observed in male patients include excessive sleepiness in daytime and paused breathing while sleeping. These symptoms are nearly seen in all men population who suffer from sleep apnea. But, when it comes to women with sleep apnea, the symptoms are slightly different from classic symptoms and in the list of women sleep apnea symptoms, insomnia, fatigue, mood disturbances, morning headaches or so on, are the name of health conditions that usually occur in women when they suffer from sleep apnea.

Different Relationship Between Hypertension & Sleep Apnea

It is found that sleep apnea is one of the most critical risk factor for hypertension or other cardiovascular diseases. Around 30 to 70 percent patients of sleep apnea suffer from hypertension. This ratio is similar in both men and women. But, if considering body mass index, there have been some differences of gender. As per this difference, men who have sleep apnea due to being obese are found at higher risk factor of hypertension if comparing with obese women with this disorder.

Consider Medical Help When Prompting Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea

There are some certain symptoms of sleep apnea in women which are completely difference from men. In case, you experience these symptoms, then somehow it will get your neck to girth measurement. For measurement of sleep apnea in these women, the bed partner can play a crucial role. Evaluating breath pauses or snoring while sleeping can help women to get determined about sleep apnea. So, when you visit a doctor, do furnish what you have been measured about your condition of sleep apnea.

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