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Snoring in Pregnant Women

Researches have found that the ratio between adult men from women when it came to snoring problems is 2:1. However, when women are starting to enter the menopausal age and onwards, the gap between the number of men and women in accordance to snoring problems get nearer. Snoring and menopause in women can really be possible even if these women haven’t had any problems with snoring whatsoever during their younger years. Women who haven’t had any snoring problems can also suffer from snoring when they get pregnant. Pregnant women should not be shocked and in denial when her partner or any other people will tell her that she has been snoring during her sleep, since snoring in pregnancy is not something rare and not life threatening in most cases.

Causes of Snoring in Pregnancy

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Snoring in Pregnant Women

There are many possible causative factors for snoring in pregnancy. Two of the most common causative factors for snoring in pregnancy are nasal congestion and excessive weight gain. Even though nasal congestion and excessive weight gain are common to happen in all pregnant women, not all pregnant women can suffer and develop snoring problems. However, even if snoring is not life threatening in most cases, pregnant women should still seek consult when they are snoring unusually since snoring can also be a sign of gestational diabetes (diabetes mellitus that develops in pregnant women) and/or sleep apnea.

Harms of Snoring in Pregnancy

In most cases, snoring during pregnancy can only be an annoyance to other people who are sleeping in the same room as you do. However, if the snoring problem is caused by sleep apnea or gestational diabetes, then it can possess harm to the growing fetus inside the uterus. To make sure that the snoring problem is not caused by gestational diabetes, having a glucose screening test should be done. And if it is sleep apnea, make sure that you will talk to your doctor about it on preventive and treatment measures on how to stay away from potentially depriving the fetus inside the uterus from oxygen.

How to Control Snoring in Pregnancy

If your snoring is not caused by gestational diabetes and/or sleep apnea, then these tips can help you in controlling your snoring problems during pregnancy.

  1. Nasal Strip – nasal strips can sometimes be effective and can easily be bought over-the-counter. Nasal strips are completely drug-free.
  2. Sleep with your head slightly elevated by using 2 pillows underneath your head.
  3. Follow a healthy diet and never binge on unhealthy food. Excessive and unhealthy weight gain during pregnancy can’t only cause snoring problems, it can also be dangerous to both the mother and the fetus.

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