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Surgical Treatments for Snoring

There are several different treatments for snoring. Treatments or remedies may include pharmacological treatments, herbal remedies, therapies, exercises, and surgical treatments. Surgical treatments is deemed or considered to be the last resort when it comes to snoring problems. If all other treatments (medications, therapies, etc.) were not effective in reducing or even totally eliminating the snoring problem, then surgical treatments will already be considered.

Palatal Surgery for Snoring

Surgical Treatments for Snoring

Palatal surgery, just like its name suggests, is a surgical procedure for the palates. If the snoring problem is caused by an abnormality in the palates, as opposed to the base of the tongue, then a palatal surgery may be effective in treating the snoring problem. The primary aim of palatal surgery for snoring is to decrease if not totally eliminate collapsibility of the oropharyngeal segment or the area that is surrounding the throat or even the uvula, which is considered to be the primary vibratory tissue in the throat. Regions of the soft palate will be removed and some cases will have to remove the tonsils as well. However, if there are any abnormalities in the nasal tissues, abnormalities should be addressed beforehand, as to gain benefits from the palatal surgery.

Sleep Nasendoscomy

There are some surgeons who will require patients to undergo sleep nasendoscomy before doing any surgical procedures in the throat. In sleep nasendoscomy, the patient will be administered with a sedative. And once the patient is asleep, the surgeon will then examine and observe the collapsing of the throat tissues that causes the snoring through the use of a narrow flexible endoscope. However, not all patients can undergo the sleep nasendescomy and not all surgeons can perform sleep nasendoscomy, since this type of procedure is not available everywhere, it is costly, and the procedure itself is very time consuming.

Tips Before Considering Surgical Treatments for Snoring

There are always risks involved in any types of surgical procedures. Before considering surgical treatments, you should discuss with your surgeon all the advantages, disadvantages, and risks involved for certain surgical operations. After discussing with your surgeon, you will have to weigh both advantages and disadvantages and if are you willing to undergo that certain operation. If surgery will really be needed because your present medical condition is affecting your overall health, then just always pray and hope for the best, since all surgical procedures have no guarantee of success.