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Should You Start Off Your Day With an Energy Drink?

How do you start your day? With a jolt of caffeine! Nothing unique, for decades millions of people started their day with a cup of hot coffee. Many college students rely on a pot of coffee to stay awake whole night during exams. Today, instead of drinking cup/cups of coffee, many now adopted a new trend of energy drinks for that morning burst to kick off the day.

Energy Drinks May Cause Extreme Risk to Your Health

Are Energy Drinks Safe?

I read an article in ‘USA Today’ about the Food and Drug Administration’s investigation of 33 hospitalizations and 13 reported deaths that were found to be linked to the well accepted “5-hour Energy” drink. The report provided base to the last story that linked “Monster Energy” drink and 5 deaths. FDA is concerned because caffeine is not regulated in these energy boosters and many of the natural stimulates are intensifying the caffeine’s effects. Caffeine toxicity can be dangerous to your health. Its symptoms could be as simple as nervousness and sleep issues to an extreme risk of cardiac arrhythmia.

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Why People Need Energy Drinks?

We all have little awareness about the health effects of these so called energy drinks, therefore, the question is why people need this energy drink in the first place in the morning to start off the day. The thing that is easy to blame is our hectic lifestyle that demands to exceed and cross all boundaries. You need to wake up early to reach to the work or gym then preparations for the next day keep you awake late till night. To get rid of these jolts all you need to do is to work on the good sleep hygiene. Heading to bed at a reasonable hour, keeping yourself away from laptop, television, mobile phones to calm your mind an hour before sleep, a comfortable environment that is cool and quiet to sleep can make all the difference.

What if Nothing Works?

If however you follow the same routine of going to bed each night and you feel you have given enough eight hours to your sleep, still wake exhausted and have day time sleepiness, chances are you have developed “sleep breathing issues”. This can range from simple snoring to a more serious sleep apnea. As our population ages we see upward trends of an overweight society where sleep issues are common. Sleep apnea patients are also increasing ever year, that is alarming, because it’s a signal of more severe health conditions like hypertension, heart disease and stroke.

Say ‘No’ to High Caffeinated Energy Drinks

Temporary solutions like high caffeinated drinks are not the real answer for high energy and overall goodness of life and well being. The real answer is restful of sleep every night. To assure a good night’s sleep try simple sleep hygiene to improve the quality of your sleep and see if you still need a energy drink to start your day. If, for any reason you continue to feel exhausted and drained, consider consulting with a sleep expert. Sleep is a vital component and we compromise a lot on that. Please read through other articles on this website to learn how you can combat sleep apnea, snoring and other sleep disorders that is causing your dependence on Energy Drinks.