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Can You Dream and Snore at the Same Time?

Many people speculate if snoring and dreaming can be done at the same time. Some studies say ‘Yes’ and the other says ‘No.’ However, there is no any official source that states if one can or cannot snore and dream at the same time. But there is a skeptic theory that might make it clear whether you can carry out these two natural activities altogether or not. Let us take a look about the facts of dreaming and snoring.

Why You Snore?

According to skeptics, dreaming and snoring are two different activities. The question why you snore is very common and there is some theory that can help you to get the answer to this question. Snoring generally occurs when the muscles of the throat and mouth loosen up. This relaxation results the soft palate of the throat to drop in respite. Still the air is intake while sleeping, so the air passes through the airway results the airway (narrowed) to vibrate and sound creates. The sound of the snoring depends on the narrower airway. This is also an indication of sleep apnea. Though, if your snoring sound is irritating others, then it is high time to consult a physician.

Snoring and Dreaming

Why You Dream?

When it comes to dream, it is a direct reaction from the brain. Though, there is not even a single part of the brain that contributes to the dreams, but an effort of entire brain parts. A person can dream all night and usually the dreams come in the REM sleep. This kind of sleep is a consideration of the electrochemical pulses causes by the stem of the brain.

No Connection between Two Sleeping Activities

There is no connection between dreaming and snoring. Both are completely different from each other. Moreover, both the sleeping activities take place at different times of the sleep cycle. As mentioned above, snoring takes place at the non-REM sleep that is a part of the sleep cycle when the muscles, tissues and body relaxes completely. Whereas, during the non-REM period, limbs, muscles and the movements of the tissues tend to occur causing relaxation to the body. The main reason of snoring is the movement of tissues and the muscles created by a hindrance of the air waves. So dreams never come during non-REM sleep because this is a period when snoring takes place.

Snoring and Dreaming Are Two Processes

This is an old age question and the answer is quite straightforward. Snores and dreams are the side of the same coin, but are totally different. No one can dream or snore together because there are different parts of sleep and these two are divided into that. Certainly, snoring is a mouth and throat activity and dreaming is a brain activity. Thus, it is not wrong to say that snoring and dreaming are two processes that are not co-related and associated with each other.