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Re-design your snoring chin straps

Snoring chin straps can be very dull and boring especially since most of them come in just one simple colour like black or red. Apart from all the other issues of having to wear them all the time and dealing with problems and such, one has to also deal with their appearance. After all, a lot of people care about how they look and maybe some people will not want to wear them for aesthetic reasons rather than discomfort or quality issues. So why not re-design your snoring chin straps?

Re-style or re-design the snoring chin straps to fit your own personality

This is something practically anybody can do and it takes not much effort at all. See the picture attached here as an example how somebody re-styled or re-designed their chin strap and it became something very personal and something that they would wear it with a greater ease and less worries especially when it comes to visual appeal.

re-designed snoring chin straps

And imagination is really the limit here. You can sew things yourself or you can order it done for you, but maybe you also have some friends who are good with their hands and if you have a birthday coming up or whatever other occasion you can ask them to re-design it for you as a gift so its a win-win situation and everybody is happy from it.

A personal design is also nicer for your partner or family

Something coming from a factory is so not personal and also can feel foreign or uncomfortable for your partner or family, both from their point of you thinking that you may be suffering and also for having to regularly see a cold bland object, but if you change it to your own personality like you can see on the picture here then it becomes sort of part of you and it is much easier to accept not only for you but also for your partner or family members.

It is also a positive way to deal with problems and more importantly you can probably attach a much softer and nicer material which will even be more comfortable for your skin than the factory made version. So definitely think about it if you own a snoring chin strap.

Also don’t forget to check out other snoring solutions if you have a more serious case of snoring.


  1. pretty cool idea for chins straps

  2. wow, so cute! I never thought to re-design my snoring chin strap

  3. but its dark! who can see the snoring chin strap at night?? 🙂

  4. what a genious idea! i am sooooo definitely gonna make some really cool designs for my snoring chin strap!!
    thank you!

  5. I don’t really like this flower pattern example, but it is definitely a good idea, so the companies who offer snoring chin straps can also offer some properly made cool designs

  6. why don’t companies just offer more customization options for snoring chin straps? it is a very basic kind of a device, should be easy to design / customize