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Sleeping Positions to Prevent Snoring

Different and effective snoring solutions have been widely searched by a lot of people all over the world, just to help them in treating or even just reducing their snoring problems. However, snoring solutions, such as anti snore pillow, anti snore mouthguard, anti snore chin strap, etc., are the only available or possible ways to help in addressing snoring problems. In fact, there are several ways that do not require any snoring solutions that can be done, in order to help in treating or even just minimizing snoring problems.

Sleeping Positions as Snoring Solutions

Sleeping Positions to Prevent Snoring

Snoring can just be a symptom to an underlying medical condition or sleep disorders. Snoring can be caused by sleep apnea, obesity, deviated septum, and many more. However, no matter what is the cause or causes of your snoring problem, you can still do something about it the natural way. What I am referring to is sleeping positions. Sleeping positions can potentially help lessen or even prevent snoring problems at night.

Different Sleeping Positions as Natural Snoring Solutions

Every person has their own comfortable sleeping position. However, there are certain sleeping positions that can potentially help a person snore less or even eliminate their snoring problems. Here are some sleeping positions that can help a person with snoring problems.

  • Sleeping on a supine position with a rolled up sock placed underneath the chin. There are a lot of people who find sleeping on this position to be effective in eliminating or decreasing snoring problems. Placing a rolled up sock underneath the skin can prevent the chin from resting on the chest, which can cause partial air blockage thus causes snoring sounds.
  • Sleeping on a supine position with a small pillow placed behind the center of the lower back (abdomen area). With a small pillow placed at the center of the lower back can push the abdomen up slightly, which can expand the airway for improved airflow.
  • Sleeping on the side. Sleeping on the side can be effective in people who snore due to their opened mouths. Sleeping on the side can help in keeping the mouth closed and can lessen the snoring. However, sleeping on the side may not be effective if the person snores with his mouth open or close.
  • Sleeping on a semi-reclined (elevated) position. Sleeping on an elevated or reclined position can help the person in inhaling and exhaling more air for better air exchange. And sleeping on an elevated position can help in keeping the airway constantly open.

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  1. I sleep on my left side and I still snore. No matter the position I snore like a chainsaw and I feel so sorry for my husband because he barley gets any sleep and I always wake up tired.