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Can anti snoring pills work like a placebo?

As people know very many illnesses and diseases can be influenced or completely cured by a placebo instead of real medicine (starting from various pains and including complicated issues like infertility), so the question is if anti snoring pills, the placebo version, could also cure snoring completely.

Anti snoring pills vs. its placebo

Firstly, I believe it is worthwhile to point out that anti snoring pills are not a powerful snoring solution just yet. I think with much more technological development in the field of medicine can change that, but not in the coming years. However, as you may have seen in my other articles on pills for snoring they do exist and they do work mostly by reducing inflammations and cleaning up the mucus to say it in few words.

I think the placebo will not work for snoring

Can anti snoring pills work like a placebo?

You see the whole powerful (and not understood fully yet) value of the placebo is the influence that the trusted person, such as a doctor, has on the patient specifically on the psyche. That means that any medical or health problem which has a connection with the brain or a mental aspect to it can be influenced with a placebo, but when it comes to snoring the problem is actually irrelevant of the mental state of the person. Both happy and depressed people can snore and this is because it is mostly a mechanical problem of having a physical obstruction in the way of the air while breathing. So for this reason I believe that affecting the mind by something like the placebo version of the anti snoring pills can not in any way cure snoring or stop snoring or even prevent snoring.

The one exception I think can stop snoring

There is only one case that I can think of which could perhaps be influenced by anti snoring pills placebo when it comes to snoring and that is switching breathing from the mouth to the nose. So if the snoring is caused by an obstruction in the mouth then together with the pill placebo and re-training your breathing (see article: Prevent snoring by changing your breathing) I think it would be possible to positively influence a patient to switch the way they breathe thereby bypassing the snoring problem and solving snoring by a placebo pill for snoring.

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  1. I think it depends on the doctor’s presentation too. If they give anti snoring pills and say that these pills will help someone lose weight and stop their snoring then the placebo effect can work. The person would lose weight and thus eliminate snoring.