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Snoring Solutions Tri-Core Pillow Review

Natural Pillow Snoring Solutions

A lot of people can attest that sleeping with a person who snores in the same room can really have bad effects to their quality of sleep and the thought of looking for snoring solutions starts to creep in. In fact, the person who suffers from snoring usually does not feel affected by its snoring. It is the person sleeping with the snorer is the one greatly affected, since he or she is the one who can hear the loud and annoying snoring of people, while the sufferer is sleeping.  Sleeping aids are created to help in relieving or decreasing snoring episodes of people during sleep, however, not all types of snoring aids are effective to all people.

Anti Snoring Pillows as Snoring Solutions:

Anti snoring pillows are specially designed pillows that will not provide comfort to the sleeper, it will also help in decreasing snores by maintaining proper alignment of the head, neck, and the spinal column. However, not all people find all anti snoring pillows effective, since people sleep in different positions. That said, among snoring solutions, pillows for snoring definitely do not bring any hard to any person as some other devices might.

Snoring Solutions Tri-Core Pillow 1

Some anti snoring pillows are designed for back sleepers, some pillows for side sleepers, and some anti snoring pillows are made for both side and back sleepers. Tri Core Pillow is one type of anti snoring pillow that does not only provide comfort to the neck, head, and spinal column, it can also help in opening obstructed airways that usually cause snoring.

What is the Tri-Core Pillow:

Tri-Core Pillow has become the most recommended orthopedic pillow for relieving neck pain and headache. Aside from relieving pain, it is also effective in decreasing snoring by maintaining the neck, head, and spinal column to be aligned comfortably while the person is asleep. What make tri-core pillow different from other anti snoring pillows is that it is specially designed for both back sleepers and side sleepers.

How Does the Tri-Core Pillow Work?

The tri-core pillow design is made to contour the shape of the person using it to help in providing support to the neck and cushion to the head. It has a unique trapezoid shape in the center of the pillow, which can effectively and efficiently cradle the head and neck, while maintaining proper alignment of the spinal column. While using the tri-core pillow, there will be a decrease of snoring, if not total elimination of snores while sleeping, since it can promote an obstruction-free airway, which usually causes snoring.

Product Features:

  • Designed for either back or side sleeping
  • Supports the neck vertebrae in a natural position for a more comfortable sleep
  • Reduces nerve pressure on the neck to reduce muscle stress and tension for a more restful sleep
  • Helps open obstructed airways that often cause snoring.
  • Made of hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial fiber materials

Snoring Solutions Extracts of Positive and Negative Comments from Amazon:

Tri-Core Pillow Buyer Feedback Chart

Extracts of Positive Comments:

“I have a bad neck and I’ve tried every contour/ortho pillow under the sun despite the cost. I had finally found one and stuck with it for several years (contour cloud) but it had to be replaced every 4-5 months because it would flatten after a while. I decided to try one of these tricore pillows and I must admit that it took me longer than usual to get used to it. I almost gave up on it, but after two weeks I was sleeping like a baby and waking without pain. I would suggest starting with the smaller, softer one (midcore) pillow and then progressing to the tricore. I started with the firm one and I think that was my mistake. I’m ordering another for traveling.”

“Awesome pillow. I purchased a similar one years ago and it was no longer very supportive. I kept putting off purchasing a new one, but finally made the leap when I saw this one. Wow – from the first night that the pillow arrived, I felt that my neck is much better supported and…and I’ve had very cozy sleep. Definitely a good choice!”

“2 nights and my neck pain is gone. I’m 35 and should not have hurt that bad. This pillow is great. I am telling all my friends about it. Highly recommended.”

Extracts of Negative Comments:

“I purchased this pillow based on good reviews (in particular, one from a chiropractor who recommended it to his clients (the Gentle support pillow, not the Standard support)). I slept on this pillow for several weeks trying to get used to it, using the outer edge as instructed for side sleepers. I even flipped it around and tried that way as the two sides are different thicknesses. Unfortunately, it made my neck, shoulder much more stiff and painful, and exacerbated my headaches. Wish it could be returned but no such luck. This was a costly mistake for me, although you never know what will work until you try something. Hopefully it will work well for others.”

Snoring Solutions Tri-Core Pillow 2

“Got this pillow and tried sleeping with it for a week, but could not make it a full week. It looked like and had reviews of a good pillow but the hole in the middle proved to be impossible to sleep with unless you are a back sleeper. I sleep on my side/stomach and could not make this work.”

“not comfortable unless you sleep in ONE position all night. this pillow made my neck hurt more!”

Snoring Solutions Extracts of Positive and Negative Comments from Online Forums:

Extracts of Positive Comments:

“I won this pillow in a silent auction. I just can’t believe I finally am rid of neck pain. I’ve tried several orthopedic pillows and this one finally helped me. I always needed a pillow between my pillow and the headboard this pillow is all in one. It’s great.”

“I have much less pain since I started using this pillow–highly recommended. I bought two from my chiropractor, and one was too big for me and thus uncomfortable…so try to get the size best for your body.”

Extracts of Negative Comments:

“After only two month, was filled with lumps in the middle—not very comortable-no way to remove the lumps.”

“This used to be the best pillow out there, but they changed the way they manufacture it. The pillow used to retain it’s firmness for at least 6 months to a year and now it looses it firmness in 6 to 12 weeks. A huge disappointment from a long term user.”

Review Final Verdict on Tri-Core Pillow:

It has been proven that neck pain can improve after using it for a couple of days to a couple of weeks. And with its ergonomic design, it would really make sense that it can provide comfort and support to the head and neck. Snoring can be decreased when using the pillow, since it helps in maintaining proper alignment of the neck with the spinal column. However, it would take several nights before the user will get used to the pillow, since it will feel weird at first.

I hope you liked this snoring solutions review and that it will bring you relief and result in good sleep. However, if by chance you do not find this pillow close to your heart then simply browse other articles and reviews on our snoring solutions website.