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Snoring Husband – Is Snoring Ruining Your Sex Life?

Do you sleep in a different room, every night, because of your snoring husband? If you answered “Yes”, you are not alone. According to ‘New York Times’, 25% couple do not share same bedroom and sleep in a separate rooms all because of snoring and they predict that by 2015, 62% of custom homes will be built with dual master bedroom plans.

While wife of a snoring husband reports better sleep when she sleeps alone, she also admits that the dual arrangement had a negative impact on their marriage.

Separation Results Lack of Intimacy Between Couple

Sleeping Apart

Any separation among the couple, may it a separate bedroom, affects their sex life. Tina B. Tessina, Psychotherapist and famous author, who is better known as “Dr. Romance” confirms that: sleeping apart can create a disconnection between you and your partner that ultimately plagues relationship and marriage. Spontaneous interactions that add flavor to your sex life take a back seat and couples have to plan for intercourse. As time passes by, the loss of sexual activity results in lack of intimacy and bonding.

Spending time together, in bed or otherwise too is good for couples because here it is lack of distraction of children, office and other obligations of life. Not only sex but when couples touch, cuddle and chat, each other, it makes the bonding between them stronger that holds marriage intact. Couples are not housemates who interact with each other dealing with daily chores, they are intimate partners that demands some quality private time. This lack of togetherness leads to one feeling detached from the other. Moreover, getting used to of not having sex can decrease the sex drive in both the partners.

Snoring Husband: Consult a Sleep Expert

To pass up the premature death of your sex life, have your husband’s snoring treated. Doing so will not only help strengthen your relationship but will also address to associate problems related to snoring such as sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is another serious medical condition indirectly affects your sex life. It interrupts breathing and causes lack of oxygen to the important organs. As you might have the idea, sleep apnea can create serious health risks including heart disease and stroke which in many cases limit its patient from having sex. Furthermore, a study done on sleep apnea also shown its strong links with erectile dysfunction. Reduced testosterone production in men, in return, causing impotency. Problem is not only with men, a research done by the International Society for Sexual Medicine found that women also suffer serious sexual dysfunction having sleep apnea.

Depression and Lack of Sleep Every Night

Snoring husbands are not only responsible for inactive sex life but sleeping next to them also causes their wives high levels of fatigue, sleepiness, stress, a lower quality of life and high risk of depression due to lack of sleep every night. All these problems eventually create lack of physical intimacy; leave many couple thinking if they should really remain together.

Good news for all you ladies out there sleeping with a snoring husband is that snoring and sleep apnea both are curable. Take advice from a sleep expert which snoring treatment method is best suited for your snoring husband’s problem.

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