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Does Snoring Cause Bad Breath

Can Bad Breath Be Considered As A Snoring Cause

A study to snoring causes is essential to find out right snoring solutions. Snoring is quite annoying problem that causes different types of health problems. Difficulty in breathing while sleeping is common snoring issues and except from common issues, there are many complicating issues which are accompanied to snoring. Bad breath is one of snoring issues. It is quite complicated problem that leads to severe health conditions. Health researchers have got evidence about the fact stating snoring causes bad breath. As per this study, snorers generally suffer from bad breath. This article will give readers an understanding about the relation between snoring and bad breath.

Scientific Factor For Bad Breath

Basically, bad breath is a result of bacteria that resides in mouth and this bacteria breaks down sulphur that releases proteins. The sulphur compounds smell like a rotten egg. These mouth bacteria get produced in the mouth naturally. This process is same in everyone and is essential too. The bad breath issue occurs in time when bacteria get unchecked and get to high levels. The protein break down on higher rate in comparison to normal rate often causes smelling gaseous. This is how bad breath occurs.

Snoring Causes Bad Breath

Saliva Controls The Growth Of Bacteria

Saliva plays a vital role to get control over bad breath. The growth of bacteria in mouth is controlled by saliva. Through several glands, saliva gets produced in mouth. The saliva type and amount is handled by human brain while responding several stimuli. Saliva performs different duties in human body like initiating digestion, oral hygiene, lubrication etc. The food debris in mouth are being flushed by saliva and the lysozyme stops the high development of population for microbial. There are several things that affect saliva production like mouth breathing, dehydration, OTC medication, disease etc.

Snoring & Bad Breath

Snoring is greatly linked to bad breath. As earlier, it is stated that mouth breathing affects bad breath and when a person snores, he or she generally breathes from mouth. So, ultimately it shows clear connection of snoring with bad breath. The chances of snoring can be reduced, if one stop breathing from mouth. Mouth breathing can be managed with the use of nasal strips or stop snoring devices. However, it s not easy job to change habit of mouth breathing as is a self promoting condition.

Dehydration Encourages Mouth Breathing

If you suffer from mouth breathing and due to this issue, you snore, and then perhaps actual cause is dehydration in your body. When a person breathes from mouth, it thickens saliva and the affectivity of saliva also suffers. It also affects building up process of mouth bacteria that prevents bad breath. So, keeping your body hydrated can help snoring and bad breath can also be managed. For this purpose, don’t consume drink or food that encourages loss of water. This way you can protect yourself from mouth breathing and can live up a health and snore free nights.