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Does Snoring Cause A Sore Throat

Sore Throat – A Troubling Issue Caused By Snoring

Snoring causes several issues that make one feel annoying in which sore throat is a common one. Many people feel confusion in this issue as they don’t understand how snoring can cause sore throat and thus, such confusion make it hard to believe on this fact. But the truth is, yes, snoring can definitely cause sore throat. After a night sleep, snoring can cause sore throat because of constant airflow through airway to snorer. Generally, sore throat problem occurs with people who snore throughout a night by which throat and airways get irritation. Ultimately, the problem of sore throat develops.

Snoring Is A Result Of Several Small And Big Factors

Indeed, snoring occurs due to several factors. Different small and big factors encourage snoring. In medical aspect, snoring specifically is considered as noise which is a cause of trembling air passages and mainly produces during sleep. Now, the question is; why snoring always occurs in slumberous times. So, the answer is, snoring occurs only when muscles are relaxed. The ideal time when muscles get relaxed is sleeping time. For this reason, one snores only when sleeping and there are tiny chances of snoring when one wakes up.

Snoring Can Cause Sore Throat

Body Anatomy & Snoring

When one falls asleep, around all voluntary body muscles including throat, nose and mouth get loosened. At that time, the throat tissues become tender and increase production for eventual vibrating noises. The time, when tissues get ease out, the air passage becomes narrow. The narrow air passage is the biggest element that causes louder disturbance. The disturbance occurs for space for friction. These corresponding causes indicate different variations of pitch, volume level and timber of snoring. The snoring loudness is influenced by air force that emerges from air passages. So, when wind speed gets faster, the snoring becomes noisier and resonating.

Snoring Target Men More Than Women

It appears that snoring affects men more than women. The reason for the same is; men have fleshy necks in comparison to women. Being flashy neck, snoring automatically target men. The flashy necks and faster air speed combining result into snoring. In contrary, women have progesterone hormones that occur naturally. These hormones suppress snoring. For such factor, women likely to have fewer chances to get to snoring sound. So, in case of women, progesterone hormone is an anti snoring component that prevents them from snoring.

Different Factors Cause Sore Throat Apart From Snoring

No doubt, snoring has strong relation with sore throat as many snorers have found with sore throat issue. But still we cannot say that snoring is only thing that cause sore throat but there can be varied causes behind sore throat. In these causes flu or cold, overweight, excess amount of nasal sprays, medications, smoking and alcohol etc are few of them. Still, if you feel snoring is after sore throat, then you should consult a good doctor to get it immediately treated. You can easily find OTC treatment to cure sore throat.