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How to Sleep in the Same Room as the Snorer

It has been proven that snoring has been a major problem in couples. In fact, there are a lot of marriages that did not work out just because the husband snores loudly. Partners who are sleeping with a snorer are kept awake for approximately 2 hours each night, which can really affect their quality of sleep. Sleep is very important in order for us to perform efficiently and properly during the day. There are a lot of different snoring solutions that can help in addressing snoring problems, however, if snoring solutions are not available, you can still do something in improving your sleep even if you are sleeping in the same room with a snorer.

Tips on How to Sleep in the Same Room as the Snorer

Snoring Problems

  1. Most snorers are not aware about their snoring problems. And some snorers also do not believe that they are snoring. One way to make them believe their snoring problems is to let them hear their snoring. While your partner is already asleep and is snoring, record your partner’s snoring with a voice recorder or even a video camera. If your partner already believes that he or she has a snoring problem, you can now move to finding effective snoring solutions.
  2. A snorer who assumes side position when sleeping tends to snore less than assuming a supine (flat) position. If your partner is snoring loud, roll him or her onto his or her side and put pillows on their back to prevent him or her from rolling back. And as much as possible, roll your partner to his or her side facing away from you.
  3. If it seems possible to roll someone onto their side when they are snoring, you can boost your AC for approximately 15 minutes to make the room colder. Once the snorer feels cold, he or she will then sleep on his or her side to combat the cold.
  4. Wear earplugs when sleeping. Earplugs can help in blocking annoying snoring sounds when you are sleeping. If you do not have any earplugs at home, you can make your own temporary earplugs. Cigarette filters are effective temporary earplugs, for it is made with tight foam material that can effectively muffle snoring sounds. Cotton balls ARE NOT recommended to be used as temporary earplugs, because cotton balls can easily tear and it do not block too much sound anyway.
  5. Listen to soft music using earphones. It may be hard for you to fall asleep listening to music when you are used to sleeping in a silent environment. However, your body can eventually get used to falling asleep while listening to soft music. There are even applications that can be downloaded for free for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and/or android device that can help you in falling asleep. Earphones can also be used as earplugs when you do not play any music on.