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Can Sleep Apnea Cause High Blood Pressure

Study About Sleep Apnea Showed Presence Of Blood Pressure

To find out if sleep apnea can cause health conditions like high blood pressure, a study had been conducted. In this study, thousands of 40+ aged men and women with sleep apnea had been examined and to detect the presence of sleep apnea, the researchers used polysomnography. This technique makes various records for heart waves, breathing rate, brain waves and oxygen levels of blood. It notes down all these movements in sleeping stage for a patient. Apart from this examination, researchers visited every participant’s home in evening time and there, they measured their weight, blood pressure and health parameters. This research showed clearly that sleep apnea can certainly cause high blood pressure.

Paused Breathing Increases The Risk Of High Blood Pressure

As it is known by us that sleep apnea causes frequent pauses of breathing in sleeping time, so the severity of this disorder increases breathing pauses. In some cases, a sleep apnea patient experiences 30 pauses in an hour while sleeping which is such a great ratio. A patient with such severity of sleep apnea surely suffers from threatening high blood pressure. Moreover, people with moderate sleep apnea level also have found on high risk of having high blood pressure. Mostly, sleep apnea triggers overweight people and it is a fact that such people already have higher chances to have complaint for high blood pressure.

Sleep Apnea & Its Side Effect

It is evident that high blood pressure is one of the sleep apnea side effects, but with this disorder, blood pressure does not mostly fall in the night. Yes, it means, a sleep apnea patient would have the problem of high blood pressure in day time. It effect has been seen around half of the sleep apnea patients who have been suffering from this disorder for longer period. Though, exact cause of sleep apnea is still not found as it can be repeated oxygen shortage, missed breaths, poor sleep quality and probably a combination of three of them. It is also found that constantly getting improper sleep enhances the risk of high blood pressure.

How Sleep Apnea Encourage Risk Of High Blood Pressure

Sleep apnea is that condition in which one faces paused breathing that occurs repeatedly while sleeping. In this process, a person gets missed several breaths. This can occur several times in a night and these episodes can affect for a minute or more. By every incident, the patient’s brain gets awakened for that moment and ultimately, it encourages blood pressure to that person. Poor rest and disrupt sleep cycle caused by sleep apnea is a big reason of encouraging high blood pressure.

Get Treatment For Sleep Apnea To Not To Let High Blood Pressure Enter Your Life

Sleep apnea definitely is a critical disorder, but it can be cured because there are several treatment options available for it. The selection of sleep apnea treatment depends upon its cause. Some patients can be treated up only by changing lifestyle. For instance, reducing the use of alcohol or smoking, changing sleeping positions, adopting weight lose exercises etc. are few steps that can be taken up to eradicate sleep apnea from your life.