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Toddler Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Toddler Snoring – Making Parents Obsessed

Though, snoring in adults or seniors is not new, but now it is entering to the lives of children in form of toddler snoring. This new condition of snoring is becoming common in tender aged toddlers and making parents to think on this situation. Toddler snoring is not a common problem and cannot be overlooked because it may be an indication for several other health disorders which can get enter to your child’s life. Toddler snoring can occur due to several reasons in which some are temporary and some are permanent. Getting all types of toddler snoring is essential to stop its further symptoms and problems to enter in your child’s life.

Temporary Issues Behind Toddler Snoring

Toddler snoring sometimes occurs due to some temporary issues like cold, flu, fever or allergies. Such conditions cause stuffy nose. In stuffy nose, the air cannot pass easily and this causes interrupted airflow. When the airflow gets interrupted, some sounds get produced when toddler breathes. This is a condition which people call toddler snoring. By treating up temporary illnesses, this type of snoring gets eliminated. Generally, with weather change or climate difference gives way to enter such illnesses to toddler’s life. However it is not a serious problem, yet it may trouble toddlers at some extent.

Interrupted Breathing May Lead Toddler To Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a critical disorder in which breathing stops for few minutes. This is a dangerous disorder in which one can lost his or her life. When it enters the lives of toddlers, it can be a life threatening disorder for them. This issue occurs due to interrupted airflow during sleep. When air does not pass easily from the nose, then, the toddler starts facing problem in breathing. This problematic breathing makes toddlers suffer throughout the night and they start breathing from mouth. When breathing from mouth, the snoring gets produced and constant snoring leads them to sleep apnea.

Frightening Facts About Toddler Snoring & Sleep Apnea

You must be amazed to know that toddler snoring and sleep apnea is not rare but as per experts, 1out of 3 children presently suffer from these issues. Children at the age of between 2-6 years have mostly found suffering from these disorders.  Generally, toddlers of parents having sleep apnea or snoring most likely experience these disorders. Thus, toddler snoring can be referred as a hereditary disorder. Toddlers who have enlarged adenoids also suffer from snoring as well as sleep apnea. This issue does not let toddlers have proper night sleep and make them awaken throughout nights.

What Parents Can Do For Stopping Toddler Snoring And Sleep Apnea

Parents contribution and assistance to toddlers is highly necessary. Without parents’ help, toddlers cannot overcome these disorders. For this purpose, parents should play some active roles. Writing down nighttime symptoms of toddlers would be beneficial. Find out if your child sleeps restlessly. If, he has to struggle for sound breathing or is your toddler snoring sound is louder and can be heard in next room? In case, the answers are yes for these questions, then certainly it is a serious problem.

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