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Enlarged Adenoids And Snoring In Children

Enlarged Adenoids – A Big Cause Of Snoring In Children

It is clinically proved that children with enlarged adenoids generally snore when sleeping. The structure and large size of adenoids interrupts the air when it passes through while sleeping and this interruption causes the sounds which we call – snoring. Now, your further question would be what the enlarged adenoids are. So, here is your answer. Enlarged adenoids exist in our mouth. These are tissue lumps that exist near nasal cavity. Behind the nose and above tonsils, the adenoids are found. We cannot see it when looking simply in our mouth.

What Are Adenoids Made Of

Basically, lymphatic tissue helps adenoids to make that helps fighting with several infections. Sometimes, due to any recurrent infections, these adenoids get swelling. It is not a critical condition, but quite normal and common one. When the infection goes away, it gets shrink naturally. When these adenoids do not get shrink back, it can be considered as chronic symptom. The air passages of the sufferer get blocked and it stops middle ears from proper drainage. The size of adenoids starts getting smaller when they reach at the age of 7. When they become adolescence, these adenoids become quite smaller or sometimes in-existent.

Various Signs & Symptoms Of Enlarged Adenoids In Children

Knowing the symptoms and signs of enlarged adenoids is essential to help your children from recovering. There are several people who do not know about adenoids. But, you really care for your children, and then do include it in your consideration. Snoring in children is one of the most important symptoms of enlarged adenoids. It can cause sleeping issue by which children find difficulty while sleeping. Apart from that, the signs and symptoms of enlarged adenoids in children include nasal voice, mouth breathing, swallowing, speaking issues, sleep apnea, ear infections and many more.

What Causes Enlarged Adenoids In Children

The problem of enlarged adenoids is common and several causes are behind it. In infants, when they start growing, the adenoids also grow because of a part of immune system of body. These are helpful object in body as it fights with germs and filter the air. This way, only clean objects can get entry into the body via nose and mouth. When adenoids get larger than its actual size, it can create some disturbance in life of children. In case, the adenoids get blocked, the result may come in form of ear infections or hearing loss.

Snoring In Children Is Purely Affected By Enlarged Adenoids

If a child snores, the reason would most probably be enlarged adenoids because when the adenoids size is larger than normal, it disrupts the air passage. Breathing when sleeping becomes uneasy and it causes some unwanted sounds which we call snoring. Except from snoring sound, it causes disturbed sleep and poor sleep leads children to poor academic performance, impulsivity, hyperactivity etc.

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