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Opting for Snoring Mouth Guards

Snoring while asleep is never a choice of an individual. It’s both troublesome to those who snore as well as those who sleep near them or within the same room. There are various explanations as to why snoring occurs during sleep for different people. Explanations range from the position of the jaw, movement of the tongue to chest complications. Whichever the case, snoring is never comfortable and taking measures to stop it is what should be the aim. Mild snoring may simply be contained by adopting some   lifestyle change but severe cases need to be referred first to a doctor who is better placed to advice.

Best way to stop snoring:

Using a snoring mouth guard is one of the best ways to stop snoring while asleep. It may not work for some people but it has helped many in countering the problem. Snoring mouth guards are a safe solution if the cause is improper shape of the mouth when you are asleep. Mainly, this is due to the lower jaw relaxing making the tongue and teeth not to move during sleep.

Snoring mouth guard functions in such a way that they line up the mouth by holding the jaws in position as you fall asleep. This may not affect the muscles and tissues of the mouth but will keep them in proper places reducing the snore greatly or eliminating it completely. Medical research has proved beyond reasonable doubt that snoring is next to impossible when the lower jaw is in the right position.

Mouth guards made to handle snoring are available over the counters or one can request for a custom made with specifications that fit. Professionals who can direct you on what mouth guard to use are doctors who specialize in ear, nose and throat treatments or dentists. Custom fitted mouth guards take the exact shape of your mouth and are trusted to give the best results though they are a bit more expensive than readymade ones. While you can get a mouth guard over the counter at $20 to $100, fitted ones may cost to the extent of over $300. This does not mean that the over the counter mouth guards can’t be adjusted. They are usually made in such a way that you can resize them to within the minimal adjustments of what can fit you. It’s of paramount importance to follow your doctor’s instructions for using these mouth guards so as to avoid very tight or very loose mould which may work to the contrary.

Recent Research on Mouth Guards:

A recent study in UK showed that 84% of heavy snorers were completely assisted and controlled their snoring by using the mouth guards. The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine has also added weight to the study by proving that these oral appliances effectively treat sleep apnea.

You can therefore move with confidence as you seek to reduce or eradicate snoring by using mouth guards and eliminate the night interruption of sleep or strained relationships with those you may share a bed or room with during sleep.


  1. wow more than 80% were helped by anti snore mouth guards? that’s pretty amazing

  2. Ya that’s truly an impressive figure / research supporting the use of mouth guards