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How To Make a Snore Relief Spray

Are you a deep sleeper and a heavy snorer? Do many a time you find your wife sleeping in the sofa, waking up in the morning? What is your story of snoring, please share with us? I know it’s not funny but snoring has been a big reason making couple apart. As the love grows, snoring also. It gets louder and louder with age. Noise reducing headphones, earplugs, over the counter sleeping aids, nothing works for long and eventually buzz of snore wins the game.

Snoring Solutions

When consulting a dentist they suggest anti snoring mouth guards, nasal strips and many similar equipments. No doubt, they are effective, but how can you sleep all your life wearing a mouth guard or keeping your head on anti snoring pillow. Sleeping on your back is another good advice you may get from your friends or family. I remember my aunt used to keep telling his husband to sleep on his back as his snoring sound was not less then a Lion’s roar. But who knows you are on your back or side once you are in deep sleep.  Well, I am not negative to all these advices, I am putting my entire effort to suggest you something more convenient as a snoring relief.

Make a Snore Relief Spray

Snore Relief Throat Spray

In my search of right anti snoring advice I encountered with Snore Relief Throat Spray. It resulted great on a few snorers and at the same time it’s not a hassle as other anti snoring equipments like mouthguards and pillows. Easy to use, every night, all your life. The snore relief throat sprays are easily available at drug stores but are little pricy. You may hesitate to spend $250 or more for a trial bottle of 20z. How if I give you the recipe to make it yourself and try it out.

Please note down the ingredients:

  • Vegetable Glycerin: .67oz
  • Listerine: 1.3 oz
  • Peppermint Oil: 3 drops
  • Clove Oil: 4 drops
  • Wintergreen Oil: 6 drops
  • Anise Oil: 2 drops


Take 2 oz spray bottle from a nearby drug store. Mix the ingredients and put the mixture in the sprayer. Shake and spray 3-6 times in the back of the throat. It tastes bit bitter but not unpleasant and works for 6-7 hours, means whole night. All these ingredients cost around $40 and enough mixture is ready to help you with snoring for years.  The spray also makes a great soar throat relief.

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