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Yogurt for Snoring

You do not need to purchase expensive snoring solutions that are for sale in many pharmacies or drug stores that may not be very effective. Not all people find one specific snoring remedy to be effective. In order to treat effectively a person’s snoring problem, it is of great importance to know the exact cause of your snoring problem. If the exact cause of the snoring problem is identified, then effective snoring remedies that can help in getting rid of the cause can really help in reducing or even totally eliminating snoring problems.

Nasal Congestion and Snoring

Yogurt for Snoring

Most natural remedies for snoring, may it be herbal remedies for snoring, kitchen remedies, etc., are usually focused on reducing nasal congestion by reducing mucus production and promote mucus expectoration. People who are currently suffering from nasal congestion due to cough, colds, allergic reactions, etc., they will most likely suffer from snoring during their sleep. Even to people who are not suffering from any medical conditions, mucus production and secretion can still be the major cause for their snoring problem while they are sleeping. In order to effectively reduce snoring problems due to nasal congestion or anything related with mucus production, reduction of the mucus production will really be effective against snoring problems.

Yogurt as a Snoring Remedy

Yes, it is true that most dairy products, especially cow’s milk, can increase mucus production, thus worsening snoring problems associated with mucus production. That is why, it may be helpful to replace cow’s milk with soy milk if you want to prevent snoring problems when you are sleeping. However, yogurt is a dairy product, but it can’t cause an increase in mucus production and worsening of snoring problems. As a matter of fact, yogurt can help in relieving nasal congestion and it can also improve a person’s immune system.

Why Yogurt?

If you are wondering why yogurt can help in alleviating or reducing nasal congestion thus reducing snoring problems and why yogurt can help in improving a person’s immune system, then you should know that yogurt contains probiotics (good bacteria) and active cultures. However, there have been controversies regarding yogurt as a snoring remedy, since there are some professionals who are saying that consuming yogurt just before bedtime can in fact increase mucus production and not decrease mucus production during sleep. If you want to consume yogurt to gain its effects as a snoring remedy, then you can consume yogurt earlier during the day to prevent increase in mucus production during sleep.