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Stop Snoring Mouth Piece – anti snore device sleep apnea cessation aid

Snore mouth guard devices are available in hundreds and thousands of numbers. All of them are not good at what they claim. Review of a product probably help customer in buying it or not. Here we are with another rational review. We are not promoting any product neither we are against it. We are just providing you facts about that particular product.

Introduction of Stop Snoring Mouth Piece:

  • It is a mouth guard used to stop or reduce snoring. It is also known as mandibular advancement device or fota’s anti snoring mouth piece.
  • This snore mouth guard work on palate and thus stops snoring due to soft palate movement.
  • They claim that it also works on tongue and provide it a forwarding position thus making your jaw fit. This position of jaw and tongue allow frequent passage of tongue.
  • It is custom fit.
  • It is proved in almost 95% of snoring cases as they claim.
  • There is a storage case provided with each piece.
  • You will complete instruction on how to use your snore mouth guard.

Stop Snoring Mouth Piece

Reviews from customers:

Positive reviews:

  • It has got 5 four star and 3 five star review on Amazon that describes popularity of this piece.
  • It is proved effective in most of the cases.
  • Instructions are applied with the product.
  • It works for normal snoring as well as for sleep apnea patients to an extent.

Negative reviews:

  • Many people complain that the hole made for breathing often blocks when you heat the piece. You have to place a straw, a stick or something similar to this to get a good space.
  • This snore mouth guard feels hard in the mouth.