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Snoring And Nasal Obstruction In Rabbits

Rabbits Are Not Spared From Nasal Obstruction Or Snoring

Snoring is an issue that can be seen in any type of species or individuals. If you think that snoring can only trouble you or individuals like you, then you are wrong. Snoring is a problem that can trouble your pets too including cats, dogs and rabbits etc. This article will help you understand nasal obstruction and snoring in rabbits. Rabbits are very cute and sweet pets and people love them a lot. But, you will be surprised to know that this lovable pet snores not only during sleep but while awakening. The main reason of rabbit snoring is nasal obstruction that blocks the airway.

Symptoms Of Nasal Obstruction In Rabbits

The main symptom of nasal obstruction in rabbits is lowered immune system. Such rabbits also look quite stressed mostly. With lowered immune system, the breathing sound of rabbits seems quite hoarse. So, if you see such horsing breath in your rabbits, then certainly there is nasal obstruction in the airways of rabbits. Other symptoms include louder wheezing or rapid breathing sound, sneezing, nasal discharge, appetite loss, eyes’ discharge, problem in chewing or swallowing or oral abscesses.

Snoring And Nasal Obstruction In Rabbits

Snoring And Nasal Obstruction In Rabbits

What Are The Causes Of Snoring And Nasal Obstruction In Rabbits

Rabbits have a tendency of nasal breathing. So, any kind of deformity in nasal structure can cause snoring to rabbits. A physical deformity in nasal area results into stertor or sometimes stridor nasal sound. Other causes of nasal obstruction and snoring in rabbits include rhinitis and sinusitis, bacterial infections or abscesses, nasal or facial trauma that affect nasal path, irritants or allergies that rabbits inhale while breathing like insects, dust or pollens etc.

Diagnosis Of Snoring & Nasal Obstruction In Rabbits

The diagnosis of rabbit nasal obstruction and snoring should be done by a good veterinarian only. For this purpose, he first examines exact location from where the nasal sound occurs in rabbits. To determine right location, the veterinarian conducts several lab tests like X-rays etc. It helps exploring nasal cavity and facial abnormalities, bacterial infections and abscesses symptoms in rabbits. After successful diagnosis of nasal condition of rabbits, he then can suggest an appropriate treatment.

Suggestion For Beneficial Treatment For Nasal Obstruction In Rabbits

If the nasal obstruction in rabbits becomes critical, then treatment includes supplemental oxygen for rabbits. It helps providing a rabbit accurate, quite, calm and cool environment to live well. For smooth breathing, rabbits require clear airway. For fighting with bacterial infections, most of the veterinarians suggest for altering the diet of rabbits and including leafy greens benefit their condition. Apart from, altering diet, medication can also help controlling nasal obstruction. Antibiotics can provide great amount of relief to snoring and nasal obstruction in rabbits. Getting these treatment options for your rabbits will certainly give desired results in very short span of time.

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