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Side Effects of Wearing an Ill Fitted Snore Mouth Guard

You decided to wear a snore mouth guard to get control on your horrible snores that echoes in the entire room, now what? The actual chore is to choose an anti snore mouth guard that really fits your mouth. You cannot take the matter lightly as an ill fitted mouth guard can cause not just mouth and tooth ache but also can create pain round your neck and shoulders in extreme cases. If you continue a snoring mouth guard that is not according to the size of your mouth you’ll feel severe health issues.

What If I Wear An Ill Fitted Snore Mouth Guard?

Side Effects of Wearing an Ill Fitted Snore Mouth Guard

If the mouth guard is not according to the size of your mouth you’ll feel certain symptoms. These symptoms include extreme pain in jaws and teeth, sometimes bleeding gums and teeth, in extreme cases pain in the neck and shoulders. The pain that starts from teeth and jaws will spread to the entire face making it unbearable for you. It is also found that if the snore mouth guard is not well fitted according to your mouth, it will make the scene worse and noise of your snore will be loud enough that your neighbor will hear it. Some people have a habit of teeth grinding while asleep. If you use an ill fitted snore mouth guard and bite it there will be severe pain in your teeth, plus this can also damage your teeth.

As the snoring mouth guard devices usually act on tissues of tongue, upper and lower jaw and throat, they might cause damage to these areas. Muscles of tongue and jaws are in direct contact with the device. If you wear a device that is not fitted to your mouth and is putting constant pressure on the nerves and muscles of your tongue and jaws you can end up with damaged nerves or tissues of tongue and jaws.

Mouth Guard Especially Important For Older People

This condition will be more troubling for the older people and for those who have comparatively broader mouth shape. Older people can’t withstand extreme pain. As we may experience most of the older people might use artificial teeth or are already suffering from some dental disease. It is highly recommended that if you are choosing a snoring mouth guard be specific when it comes of size as an ill fitted piece can create trouble for you.