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Review on two in one snore mouth guard

There are so many snoring mouth guard devices available in the market that gives you more than one advantage. Now there is a double package for you. Specially if you are a sports man and love boxing then this one is definitely meant for you. Brain-pad pro + plus mouth guard is the device that will give you two actions in one ticket. You can wear it when you are boxing also this will help you in sweet sleep.

Product description:

The product is of black color with comfortable fit. It is made keeping in view needs of boxing players. As it is well known that boxers need a huge protection for their teeth and jaws, any hard blow can make them devoid of their teeth and jaw. Such kind of injuries could become very dangerous for not just health and well being but also for a person’s career. This product is redesigned keeping in view needs of the player.

How it works for boxers:

Boxing players need extra care and protection along with comfort. A mouth guard that just protect bur isn’t comfortable can become very irritating for the player. Such kind of products can divert attention while the game is on. Consequences of such incidents are quite injurious for the player. This snore mouth guard cum boxing mouth guard provides excellent fit along with comfort. You can wear it and enjoy your play without even thinking twice about the product you are wearing. There are channels supplied at the front of the product. These channels provide open passage for air and thus allow you to breathe easily. Cushion supplied on the lower jaw is positioned in such a way that it gives your jaw complete comforted protection. This cushion is provided with a special shock absorbing cushion that can give you complete protection while playing.

How it works against snoring:

Brain plus snore mouth guard do its dual work equally. It is as efficient when you are sleeping as it is while you are playing a thrilling boxing match. Its structure is made in such a way that it molds to your teeth very easily and is fitted accordingly. Its tight fitting allows you sleep without creating any noise. Breathing channels present at the front of the snore mouth guard facilitate breathing when you are fast asleep. It’s soft and comfortable texture remains intact even if you clench or grind teeth. This product is a complete package that gives you both comfort and protection along with noiseless sleep for you and your companion.

Review from customers:

Positive reviews:

– Most of the people found this product really helpful. According to them it is a good fit product with excellent protection while boxing.

– It is equally good if you are using it as a snore mouth guard.

– It works well with braces.

– It gives your jaw secure and tight position when you are boxing.

– It allows frequent and easy breathing.

– Once adjusted, its size will not bother you again. You can easily adjust its size by cutting the edges with the help of a knife.

– This mouth piece covers upper and lower jaw simultaneously.

Negative points:

– It is very complicated for new users, especially for those who are using mouth guards for the first time.

– Some of the customers find its plastic very hard and uncomfortable.

– It is hard to talk when you are wearing your brain paid.

– If you are using this piece as a snore mouth guard it will feel bulky at first.