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How Is Deviated Septum And Snoring Related

Deviated Septum & Snoring Have Close Relation With Each Other

People, who suffer from snoring, whenever visit to a doctor; first of all they are checked for deviated septum issue. It is an anatomical disorder that occurs inside cavity of the nasal. It can be caused of any kind of injury or trauma to nose. Sometimes, it also occurs during birth. Thus, these two disorders snoring and deviated septum are closely related to each other. So, if you get treatment for deviated septum, there are 99 percent chances that your snoring will also disappear on its own.

Why Deviated Septum & Snoring Are Linked

Deviated Septum And Snoring

It is a sure fact that deviated septum and snoring are badly associated with each other. Though, to find out reasons for the same, it would be beneficial if you first learn what deviated septum is and reasons behind snoring. So, here is the right answer in this regard. The cavity of nasal is divided in two nostrils. The dividing occurs with the help of a line which is covered with mucus membranes to both sides. The inner cartilage that is placed in central area is referred as septum. When, the septum gets aligned, deviated septum occurs. The condition indicates that one nostril side is tighter than other side.

Septum Deviation Does Not Appear Externally

Deviated septum may cause several internal issues in which snoring is one of them, but externally it does not look weird. The nasal deviation is hard to recognize from outside. Though, narrow airway will surely cause problem in normal breathing. The problem of deviated septum causes several health issues like congestions, nasal bleeding, frequent sinus problems, sleep apnea, and snoring. Now, it is the time to learn why deviated septum causes snoring. So, the condition causes individual to breathe from mouth. As it is known that breathing from mouth often results into snoring, so this may be a reason behind snoring with deviated septum.

Various Symptoms Of Deviated Septum

Deviated septum causes several types of symptoms to a person. By these symptoms one can easily evaluate the presence of this disorder. The symptoms include nasal congestion, snoring, obstruction in nostrils, nosebleeds and frequent sinus problems.  If you see any of these symptoms, then somehow you suffer from deviated septum. Though, in some cases where deviation is too small, no symptoms appear in that case. Such deviated septum does not require any treatment. Yet, it will cause some breathing problems. Having treatment for deviated septum, one can surely get rid of snoring problem.

Majority Of Modern People Have Deviated Septum

It is found after conducting several surveys that around 80 percent people of today have deviated septum. The problem of deviated septum has started for varied reasons as in some people, it occurs from birth and in some people, the deviated septum occurs after a traumatic accident. The disorder does not always cause severe side effects, but the critical condition of septum leads a person to complications like snoring, breathing problems, bleeding etc.