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CPAP Machine Problems

Reality About Problems Related to CPAP Machine

 CPAP Machine is proved treatment for snoring as well as sleep apnea. Many medical experts accept the effectiveness of this solution, but along with benefits, there are some problems related to CPAP machine which cannot be overlooked at any cost. The CPAP machine problems include claustrophobia, discomfort, and dryness of the mouth and skin irritation. Mainly, these problems occur when CPAP machine is not handled in proper way. So, to avoid these problems, you should use this solution quite carefully and as per prescription. Read on complete detail for problems associated with CPAP machine and masks.

Dryness Of The Mouth

To the users of CPAP machine, dryness of the mouth is commonly seen problem. Numbers of users have come forward with this problem after using CPAP treatment. This problem mainly occurs when a user sleeps with open mouth. To avoid this problem, the best way is to with closed mouth. If you feel helplessness to close your mouth while sleeping, then you can use chin strap. In addition to chin straps, dryness of the mouth can also be controlled by using CPAP machine that include humidifiers.

Insomnia – Another Problem Associated With CPAP Mask

Use CPAP machine In Correct Way

After analyzing many patients using CPAP treatment, insomnia has found one of the most common problems to CPAP mask users. This problem mainly takes place at the starting when one starts taking this treatment. At the initial period, the user feels some discomfort when wearing this mask. The hose of the CPAP masks controls the movements when sleeping. It sometimes interferes in sleeping position of the user. Therefore, these changes cause sleeping issues and thus the wearer starts suffering from insomnia ultimately. With time, the CPAP machine user adapts to this machine and becomes familiar to use it which makes them feel normal.

Skin Issues Of Using CPAP Machine

When CPAP machine is being ill-fitted, it may cause several skin issues. Skin issues can also occur if the mask is over tight. Sometimes, the mask material causes irritating allergies to the user. These allergies also result into the redness of the skin. To prevent this type of issues, the best way is to use different model of CPAP mask. In addition to these issues, skin issues include skin irritation, sores and rashes to the skin. Such problems may trouble a person and can encourage to stop using it.

Different Reasons Behind CPAP Machine Problems

After going through several problems related to CPAP machine usages, you must have learnt how important is to use CPAP machine in correct way. There can be varied reasons behind these problems in which inconsistent use of this machine is one of them. The treatment of CPAP machine only fails if one uses it in inconsistent way. To reduce the symptoms of snoring or sleep apnea, it is highly necessary to use it regularly and in proper way.