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What it costs to snore

In this article I want to talk about exactly what it costs you to keep snoring and therefore I will try to quantify in dollars where possible to show how much you will end up paying just because you snore. Please bear in mind that some comments will also be made from a humoristic side so keep an open mind :). Now, let’s dive into what it costs to snore.

Snoring can cost you 50% of all that you own

Snoring can cost you half of what you own

I suppose you can guess what I am talking about here – a divorce followed by all the fights and problems related to snoring. You would definitely not be the first person reaching the divorce stage because of snoring. It all starts with love and understanding, but quite soon, as your partner gets less and less sleep, you may end up sleeping in separate rooms. And some time thereafter separate houses…

Divorce lawyers: several thousand dollars

As a sub-section of the above, on top of the 50% you will also end up paying a bunch of money to the happy lawyers, who, if they knew, would try to get the whole world snoring to create themselves some repeat business.

Snoring definitely costs your love life in dollars

Snoring costs your love life

Everything in love is connected to fantasy and let’s face it, the prince on the white horse would not look as good if he was a snorer. It just ruins the whole romance around it :). And so the more ugly things are in between your partner and yourself the less often romantic experiences (in bed :)) would be – that’s just common sense. So how is this connected to dollar costs? Simple – you would end up having to buy more gifts and flowers and fancy restaurants, etc just to try to resurface the romance from under the pile of snoring (among other things).

Snoring increases hospital bills for the whole family

Snoring increases medical bills

Everyone in the house sleeps bad when snoring is knocking on the door and over days, weeks and months the continuous damage to sleep physically damages numerous aspects of the body, which means that illnesses and health problems creep in and increase the number of visits to the doctor and even hospital in the worse cases and all of this costs you a lot of money.

Buying the wrong snoring devices wastes your money

Up to 75% of people in one study I had read would just buy some snoring device without knowing how snoring works or what causes snoring in their body and therefore there is a high chance of buying the wrong device for your type of snoring, which means that it would do nothing at all, so this means up to 75% of snorers who are not understanding the problem are throwing money into the wind.

A wrong decision can cost you hundreds or millions of dollars

Snoring can result in a wrong decision

If you are living with a loud snorer and having difficulties in getting high quality sleep then you will 100% of the time end up with some form of sleep deprivation as you keep missing out on sleep almost every day. One of the many consequences of this is that your brain is somewhat clouded and does not work properly or how it normally should in your best healthy state. Therefore, when confronted with a complex problem or even just when calculating some numbers there is an increased chance of making a mistake. If you make a calculation mistake on your invoice, payments or expenses you might end up losing hundreds or thousands and for those who are wealthy such a mistake can cost millions of dollars.

Cost of damaged image & conflicts

Sooner or later you will sleep over at a friend’s house, go camping or on a holiday with a group of people or, if you are a businessman, you might have a leadership weekend with your colleagues. My point is that sooner or later people will find out if you are snoring if your partner has not already told the whole world about it :). And not only people would not appreciate staying with a snorer, but if you ruin someone’s sleep before a very important day you will certainly receive a large chunk of hatred from that person and pretty much lose out on the opportunity of friendship or networking.